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A lot of gamblers love to play slot games online for free. Playing with demo credits is a fun activity and it also shows players the potential of the slot games without the risk of losing money on them. Of course winning a lot on demo slots is kinda a anger starter because then the player is always angry he didn’t play with real money and win that big win on the slot. But even so, that way the player can see that the slot game has a good winning potential and he can start playing with real money if he wants to.

Do Demo Slots Have Higher RTP?

A lot of players are asking this question, as they see on demo credits big wins and once they start playing with real money the don’t see the same thing on the real slot game. Well this is not that complicated to understand why on demo credits the big wins are bigger and the RTP on the slot seems much higher than on the real money slot. You just need to understand that players who use demo credits do big and insane bet sizes, and they do that with demo credits that go back in the system. And usually everyone who plays on demo credits they play until they have a 0 balance left. So all the credits end up back in the system for that slot game for demo credits. So if a slot game has a 96% RTP that would mean that after millions and millions of rounds it would give back at the end 96% of the money that entered in that slot game. That is why the RTP doesn’t really matter for individual players, the best thing for players is to play on popular slots since there is more money in which means the slot game will give back more money at the end. Understanding this, of course it seems that demo play slots have higher RTP, but in fact they share exactly the same RTP as the real money one. The difference is that from demo credits nobody “takes” the money out of the slot, so the slot keeps “trying” to give back to players the RTP % but at the end it always goes back in the system. Playing on new released slot games, players will see almost identical payouts both on real money and on slots. That is how we know for a fact that the RTP is the same no matter if you play demo credits or real money on slots.

Demo vs Real Cash Slots

Everything depends of what the player loves at the end. If you just like to play slots for fun and to see the gameplay and bonuses, a demo for the slot is enough for you. Same as watching online casino streamers is a fun and entertaining time to spend, some people like to play demo slots. If you want to try your luck and maybe have a win on slots, you can try the real money slots. But even if you play with real money, you should also consider this as an entertaining thing, don’t play on slots with the mind that you will “make fast money” as at the end you will always end up depositing more than taking out. Exceptions are if a huge jackpot is won on a slot game by a player, that way it will take some time to put it back in the casino, but those jackpot winners should not play a lot on casinos because if they have more money it will be very easy to get hooked and start making a lot of big bets that in normal circumstances that player would have never done before the jackpot win. So jackpot winners should try and continue to play exactly as they did before the big win. Also if you feel that you are gambling way more than you can afford, there is no shame in contacting a specialist for help. A lot of people who went for help ended up feeling much better and they can control their gambling impulses much better. The bad thing if you don’t is that you can end up very addicted to gambling and lose everything with the hope of winning back the loses. That is the worst thing that can happen by playing slots and other casino games, if you feel that you have gambling problems please contact a specialist for help. is a place where casino players can get the best online casino bonuses and read news about slots and other casino information. Read the reviews and see which are the best online casinos to play on. Only legit and tested online casinos with great casino bonuses for players and gamblers. Live Casino, Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and all the best games you are searching for.