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So you are thinking about streaming online casino on twitch or youtube. The first step is to find some casinos that will offer you a streamer bonus and the second one is to find a good affiliate program that will give you some great casinos to put under your twitch stream or in youtube description. Finding a casino that offers a streaming bonus can be a bit time consuming and streaming on reputable casinos is what you want to do, since starting streaming on a casino with a bad reputation can give you more negatives than positives even though they will offer you insane streaming bonuses with good and favorable deals for you as a streamer.

Look At The Big Casino Streamers

Of course, when we say “look at the big casino streamers” we don’t mean look at the ones that are clearly “owned” by the casino or they have fishy deals with casinos. The way you would know if a casino streamer is legit and really has a good deal with the casinos is by looking at what casinos they are streaming on, how often and how big is the bonus. The ones having “fishy” deals will play more than one deposit per day on the same casino, this should raise a flag since it would mean that the streamers are eighter “owned” by the casino or they will not be able to withdraw all the funds once the wager is completed.

This is the reality of casino streamers, most get these deals from the casinos and if they accept playing without the possibility of them to withdraw the winnings, it is a bit unfair for their viewers since that means they play with something that is really close to “fake money”, and we all hate those streamers that always have a huge balance and playing on some casinos but when they change the casino, they instantly have a different approach on the funds and they play more “responsibly”. When you see that, you know they have a deal with the casino that is most favorable for streaming time and not for winning at the casino. The best way to detect a casino that would offer a streamer bonus is to see what casinos the streamers play on, what is the bonus offer and what is the wagering requirement for the streamers.

Seeing the streamers play with a 100% or 150% bonus is the most legit way to detect a casino that will be good for you if you want to play with real money and not with a limited withdrawal or even without the possibility to withdraw the winnings. A 40-50x wager requirement for the bonus is also something that will show the streamer being legit, but this is not a 100% sure thing.

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Contacting The Casinos For Streaming Bonuses

If you are ready to start your stream but you don’t have a deposit bonus yet, you should contact the casinos directly via their affiliate programs. You should always ask them if they have a limit on withdrawals, how many times per week can you receive the bonus, if the bonus added directly, or do you need to contact the manager to activate the bonus, the wagering requirements, and the maximum bet allowed. Of course, you might know this already but it is good to ask them before you start working with any casino, just so you can decide at the start if you will want to work with them or not. Don’t start playing with “fake money” and have a daily limit!

Playing with fake money will always have its benefits for you and the casino, it’s free marketing and it’s good marketing since you will have a higher balance, more time to play, and more streaming hours. But this kind of tactic will always be against you, smart viewers will always be able to tell if you are playing with fake money (even if you play on 5-10 euro bet sizes as some fake streamers do). It’s better to have a 2-3h stream with real money and viewers who will love you for that than to stream 18h with fake money where the viewers will know after a while that you are in only for the affiliate money and that you are not playing to entertain them.

As a new streamer, you might have problems converting to the same casinos as the big streamers play on or promote. Search for similar websites, with good licenses and trusted, maybe new casinos opened by the big operators that have years of experience and multiple casinos. Try to contact them via their affiliate program and your affiliate manager, ask them if you can receive a streamer bonus and if they say “yes”, then ask the terms and conditions for that bonus and for promoting them.

Affiliate Deals For Casino Streamers

Hybrid… that’s what you want, unless they can offer you a really good CPA offer. Most casinos will offer a 150 euros + 30% Revenue Share as a hybrid deal. As a new streamer, that is a good deal, but you will have to renegotiate once you start ranking higher and higher on streaming platforms. Once you will rank higher and see more people signing up through your affiliate links, you will also have some statistics on them and then you can decide if it would be more profitable for you to go on a higher CPA or go full Revenue Share.

If you players deposit only to get the bonuses and they don’t continue to play on that casino after that, then a higher CPA deal will be better for you. If the majority continues to make at least one more deposit each month, then a Revenue Share would be more profitable in the long run. Revenue Share means that you will get a percentage from your players’ losses on that casino. While this might sound that you want your players to lose money, it doesn’t need to be that. You can tell your viewers that instead of all their money remaining entirely to the casino, you take a part from that. You can tell be transparent from the beginning, and viewers will appreciate that.

Multiple Casinos Under The Stream

If you want to start streaming casino, you will also need some extra revenue to support the deposits. While promoting only the casinos you play on would be the best way to stream online casinos, that won’t be sustainable for the long run (except if you are also really lucky by playing at those casinos). You should always have some different casinos and casino bonuses under the stream and in the chat. Adding a bot with a timer that will not be spammy in chat will also help you get some signups during your casino streaming career.

The most important parts are the panels under twitch and the description under youtube. You should also create a website where you have multiple casinos listed with different bonuses and for different countries, that way you will have something for everyone. If you want to add more casinos on your website or even on your stream at the beginning, you can join a program that has multiple casinos such as Matching Visions – Click Here To Check Them Out. This way you can add a lot of good and reputable casinos that will raise your trust as a new streamer and give you some really good casinos to start working with.


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