Is Roshtein Playing With Fake or Real Money?

If you don’t know who Roshtein is then it means you have never watched casino streamers on twitch.

Being the “Dr DisRespect” of casino streamers, Roshtein started to be called a “fake streamer” the moment he started to play with 20 or even 50 euro bet size per spin.

Streamers, especially CasinoDaddy, have always talks “bad” about him and said that he plays with “Monopoly Money” because of the big bets he plays with.

But let’s make something clear, he didn’t start with 50 euro bet sizes, and being the biggest casino streamer he would totally afford to play with even 100 euro bet sizes.

The amount of money he makes by being affiliated with casinos can sustain this big bet bonanza that he makes during his streams.

The question is:

Does Roshtein Play With Fake Or Real Money?

And the answer would be: Only he knows.

Showing the deposits and withdrawals, as other streamers do, would not prove anything even though a lot of other big streamers including CasinoDaddy and ClassyBeef claim that they play with real money and that they can provide proof by showing their skrill, neteller, or casino account, if you work in this industry you would know that showing those things as “proof” would not mean anything. There are ways to have everything seem legit but in reality, none of that money is the streamers’ money which will mean he plays Fake Money.

Roshtein did the same thing at the beginning of his streaming career and even lately, but that can be seen only if you are a regular viewer or if you are lucky enough to enter exactly during those 10-20 seconds when he scrolls and shows the deposits/withdrawals.

So now that we know those things, how would we know if he is playing real money or fake money?

Well, basically we can’t but we give him the benefit of the doubt and won’t enter the claims that other streamers or viewers make just because of his big bet size play since the ones claiming “Roshtein plays fake money” are also showing the same evidence and proof of playing with “real money”.

Some streamers might use fake money and play with a 5 euro bet size and others might use real money and play with 50 euros, the bet size doesn’t prove that the streamer is real or fake.

We just think like this: If he would play fake money and there would be such a big controversy around that, he would have stopped at the beginning playing with 50 euro bet sizes and started playing with 5 euro or 10 euro bet sizes so it would “seem legit”. As long as he started small and then gradually higher his bet sizes, this can be done once you have so many viewers and referred players at the casinos as he does.

The other controversy around him is:

Does Roshtein Use View Bots?

When you see over 10-20.000 viewers on his stream and only 1-2k on the next streams after him, of course, this can be a legitimate question.

While this can be a grey zone and we can’t possibly know for sure, we won’t go too much into this subject.

The most often “proof” that he uses view bots is that the majority of viewers “disappear” after he does a host or after he ends the stream. While this might seem good proof, it is actually not a good one, and let us explain why. The majority of his viewers watch HIM and they are not interested in watching other casino streamers since they got used to his charm and his highroll play.

But again, only Roshtein knows the reality and he will always be the number one controversy in the slots stream community as long as he will stream slots.

How Could He Afford To Play Like That?

If you want to see how he could afford to play with such high bet sizes and for so long, we recommend you to track his daily “deposits” and “withdrawals” for 2-3 months and see how much he lost or won, then add that his affiliate revenue would be over 500.000 euros and even 1 million euros every month.

Once you hear those numbers, you would understand that if he wants to play with real money, he could afford to do that and still end up with a really great profit every month.

Let us know in the comments what evidence did you see or have about him playing with fake money or real money.

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