Restreams and Fake Casino Streams on Twitch

If you are a gambler who enjoys watching slots stream on twitch, you possibly know that the slots category is full of restreams and fake streams with bots. This is something that a lot of viewers complained about for years but it seems that twitch doesn’t want to moderate the slots category and leaves it as it is.

While some channels that do the restreams and have view bots might get banned after a while and after twitch receives a lot of reports from normal viewers, some are thriving and making money out of this tactic.

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How can you detect a fake stream on twitch?

The best and most easy way to detect if a stream is fake would be to just write something in chat and see if you get a response from the streamer and if he interacts with the live chat.

Some fake streams don’t even show a streamer, they just stream wins of other streamers from youtube.

Most of the time, if the stream channel has a weird name, has only a few casinos that he promotes under the stream (3-4 max) and live chat is not on the overlay, that would mean that the stream is fake.

While there are some new and legit streamers that start playing similar to this, once you detect the first fake stream you will instantly know the difference.

How to see if the channel has view bots?

Twitch has something that makes detecting streams with bots very easy.

On the top right of the live chat, you can see a viewers list. So if the stream has 200-300 “live viewers” and the viewer list is with only 10-20 viewers, you can instantly know that the channel has view bots and that is either a fake stream or a new streamer that wants to abuse the system and get higher on the slots category list.

Avoid playing on casinos promoted by fake streams

The best way to stop the fake streamers is to just stop playing on the casinos promoted by them. This way they will not make any money and it will not be profitable for them to continue streaming.

While this might be hard to do while other people won’t see this article or they don’t know to differentiate between a legit casino streamer or a fake streamer, it takes a few to start the awareness and you can always talk in other channels about the fake streams so more and more viewers will know they exist and report them to twitch.

Will Twitch Ever Remove Fake Streams?

There are a lot of moderators from slots channels that are constantly flagging the fake streams but twitch is too slow to do anything or maybe they just gave up on the slots category.

Other moderators have been in direct contact with twitch, requesting to be volunteers and help to make the slots category cleaner, but they didn’t heard back from twitch.

Hopefully in the future, the slots category will be much better and viewers will only see the real slots streamers.

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