CasinoDaddy Playing With Fake Money?

One of the most recognizable streamers from twitch, CasinoDaddy, is often in the drama about other streamers playing with fake money, but are they playing with real money?

This is a question that starts to show on a lot of their viewers. While they “seem” one of the most legit casino streamers, what happens behind the stream is completely different than what viewers see on twitch.

They are known as one of the most aggressive affiliates on twitch, with hundreds of casinos promoted and with a lot of questionable casinos promoted as “best” or “top” casinos under their twitch stream or on their aboutslots website.

The mystery behind them playing with fake money appeared from the very first streams they did.

The reactions of wins differ when they play with fake money and you can clearly see that if you are paying close attention.

Reacting for a 1000 euro win as they would have won a jackpot and then reacting to a 5000 euro win as it is a 50x win, should instantly put some questions in the viewers’ mind.

CasinoDaddy Playing Fake Money?

If they play with 100% fake money or with 100% real money, that is something that only Masse, Ante, or Ebro would know. We are 99% sure that they won’t even dare to tell their employees, since that would be something that can ruin their “reputation of legit players”, or they might have an NDA agreement with them that stipulates these things.

We do know from trusted sources that some of the casinos they play on have a maximum withdrawal limit for the streamer bonus, which means they won’t be able to cash out all their money after they finish the wager.

This is why sometimes you see them playing with raw balance, after the wager was completed, with big bets and hoping they will lose down to the limit so they can cashout. Sometimes this doesn’t work out for them and they end up with a very high balance, then they do eighter raw bonus hunts, play even bigger bets, or they just stop playing on that casino, as it happened a lot of times in the past.

CasinoDaddy is a business, not only a stream!

This is what viewers should know about them. Compared to other streamers that enjoy playing slots and also enjoy streaming, CasinoDaddy became a place of work for the brothers and their streamer employees.

Making over 4 million $ in 2019 with only one of their companies which they use for the affiliate marketing, CasinoDaddy is a big business. We can’t even imagine how much growth in revenue they had for 2020 as the casino market shown some big growth during this year because of the lockdown rules from Europe.

These revenues are also only the ones declared by them and made with legitimate casino affiliate deals. By scrolling through their list of casinos, we believe they most definitely have some offshore or cryptocurrency deals which they don’t add as revenue on the main companies they own.

They don’t do it for fun anymore, they do it for the money. You can see that sometimes they might be in the mood to play slots and you can instantly “feel” that through the stream, but the days when the brothers were excited about streaming are over and nowadays it’s more of a bad and forced acting of excitement.

Their “legitness” stopped when they started to flame and create drama about other streamers by stating they are playing with fake money and yet they play on similar casinos that are known to give streamers free money to play, with maximum cashout caps and bonuses where they receive back the deposit money or part of it via a separate payment method.

While we can’t say they are playing fake money and we give them the benefit of the doubt, we can definitely say that there is more behind the stream than they let viewers know.

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